APForkliftTraining.com is managed by Forklift University, for All Purpose Forklift Training, an industry leader in OSHA Forklift and Aerial lift operator training.

This site is designed to provide individuals access to the required OSHA forklift safety training in OSHA Guidelines 1810.178. The materials provided will cover the topics required in the training section of this regulation and provide the operator with a certification of operator training. Operators must still be evaluated and authorized at their place of employment prior to using any powered industrial truck.

Companies can benifit from our training programs as well, with on site operator training programs and train the trainer programs that are custom for each client, Forklift University provides trainining that goes beyond the OSHA 1910.178 standard.

Employers are soly responsible for the verification that any operator can safely use the equipment in the work environment.

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